Water Fountain Vs Drinking Fountain: Differences

In Latin, fountain (or Fontana) refers to Fons or Fonts, the Roman god of water. In general, drinking fountains serve the same purpose as water fountains; however, the term is used differently.

Possibly it is due to the geographical distance between people, which led them to use terms differently. Throughout history, people have relied on outdoor drinking fountains and water fountains to drink. 

In this post, I will explain the difference between water fountains and drinking fountains.

About the Drinking Fountain

There are drinking fountains that provide a fountain-like stream of water that you can drink without a cup. Almost every government building, school, and park has a public drinking fountain so everyone can drink.

There are many different kinds of drinking fountains, but they all dispense water in a straight line so you can drink directly from them. Also known as drinking fountains, water fountains aren’t to be confused with city plaza fountains, which also use water (but aren’t used for drinking).

The first drinking fountains appeared in the mid-1800s. On the west coast of the United States, drinking fountains are very popular.

What Is the Mechanism of a Drinking Fountain?

A drinking fountain works on a simple principle. Firstly, water is pressurized until it’s released from the main system.

Each time the valve of a drinking fountain is pressed, water is released. Once the valve is released, a water seal prevents water from flowing. It is also possible to add a water filter if desired.

About Water Fountain

A water fountain is similar to a drinking fountain, but is defined as “an apparatus that supplies water to people.”

It is believed that the first references to the term water fountain about a drinking fountain date back to the early 1700s. People living in the south or northeast of the United States are more likely to refer to water fountains.

Invention of the Water Fountain

During the early 1900s, Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws invented and manufactured the modern water fountain for the Halsey Taylor Company and Haws Sanitary Drinking Faucet Company.

These two companies have changed the way water is served in public places, and are instrumental in ensuring that clean, safe drinking water is available to all.

Water Fountain vs Drinking Fountain

Is it a water fountain or a drinking fountain? I’m here to settle a long-standing debate. In many places, fountain water is called bubbler water. Whenever there is a drinking fountain or water fountain, it is referred to as a bubbler.

The final answer depends on where you live and what the name is. There are also other synonyms for drinking fountains, such as water fountains, water coolers, fountains, and water bubblers. There were only a few instances of the term ‘water bubbler’ among African Americans.

The term ‘fountain’ was the most common term used throughout the rest of the world, while drinking fountains are referred to as water fountains everywhere else. 

You may notice some significant differences even though the word is similar. These are:

 Water fountaindrinking fountain
UsingUsually used in hotels, schools, plazas, and places with lots of people    Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  
Purpose    Drinking fountains serve the primary purpose of providing water to the public.    It can either be used to serve people drinks or it can be used as a decorative item.  
Safety   The majority of people can get it safely.  The water of a decorative fountain would not be suitable for drinking.  

About Bubbler

Water fountains or drinking fountains are also known as bubblers. According to its formal definition, it is a drinking fountain that dispenses water.

Only a small number of areas in the United States use the word bubbler in this manner.

There are also other contexts in which bubblers refer to devices that create gas bubbles in liquids. For example, you can use it in chemistry experiments. Some people call them gas bubblers. 

The irrigation bubbler is typically used as part of an irrigation system in an orchard to water the soil around tree roots.

Although bubblers first appeared in the early 1700s, they weren’t used for water fountains until much later.

Bubblers are often referred to as water fountains in regional dialects because they frequently indicate where someone lives or grew up. There are other specific uses of the word bubbler that do not vary by region, however.

Outdoor water fountain

Can Anyone Drink Water From a Water Fountain?

Public water fountains are safe to drink if you have a strong immune system and are completely healthy. Because a fountain may be recirculated many times, the water usually starts as tap water and gets treated. The aim is to reduce slime and sludge buildup with antibacterial, antifungal, and algae inhibitors.

As well as the threat of contaminants being transported by the water, the water fountain itself (basin, handle, rim, or tap) may constantly be exposed to air or physical contaminants.

A baby under a year of age, as well as young children, should not be permitted to drink water from a public water fountain. It is the same for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Drinking from a public fountain will expose you to bacteria, so wash your hands right after using them to avoid getting sick. It’s better to bring your filtered water.

Decorating House With a Water Fountain

Purchasing a water fountain can be attributed to a number of factors. A potential reason might be to decorate your house. As it provides both relaxation and beauty, it can also be a beautiful addition to your home.

As well as humidifying and purifying the air, it also enhances the freshness of your home. Water fountains have thrived in every age and place, from ancient Rome to French monarchies to the glamorous hotels of Las Vegas. Water features are usually the most prominent features in gardens.

Modern individuals and businesses have more opportunities than ever before to own a fountain. Increasingly accessible with the advancement of technology, fountains come in a variety of styles and materials.

What Is the Source of the Water in the Drinking Fountains?

Typically, public fountains provide tap water just as much as private fountains. Most drinking fountains dispense tap water unless they’re explicitly part of a school or office’s water filtration system.

It is common to see safe drinking fountains in western countries – people even fill up their water bottles from them, feeling confident about the quality of the water. It’s important to know that fountain water is different from bottled water.

Get a local’s opinion on whether fountain water is safe to drink. Other than that, you’re better off buying some purified water or filtration your own.

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