Should I Leave Outdoor Lights on All Night?

Light is a big reason why people feel safe. But sometimes occurrences happen because of lights.

Some people put their outdoor lights on all night and some don’t. There’s a huge debate on these actions.

Both debating sides have their own reasons. But what is the right answer to this question? That is what we will try to find out in this article.

So, let’s dig more into this conspiracy.

Though it’s a confusing question whether to put the outdoor lights on or not all night, it depends on some facts and conditions.

If you ask me, I would say, know your reasons and then decide. To help you sort out this confusion, I will bring both points in front of you to make it easier for you.

4 Reasons to Keep Outdoor Lights On All Night Long

People are scared of darkness. It’s common human nature. When the lights turn on, people feel safe and relaxed.

Some people like to keep their outdoor lights on. It makes them feel safe and secure. They also think keeping the lights on will scare the intruders and keep them away from their house.

They also show some other logic as well. If an intruder or robber is trying to trespass into your house, your neighbors will be able to see them if the outdoor lights are on.

They also say, turning the lights on will help any visitor to find the house. Lights will work as a landmark in that situation and the visitor will be able to read the house number at the gate.

Some people don’t think it’s a great idea to keep the lights on the whole night. Well, they have their own points which you cannot deny at all.

However, sometimes red light can be harmful to your backyard or the area where you have placed light. The main reason red light mostly attracts more bugs than other colors of light.

Let’s see their points and reasons behind that:

1) Lights can attract intruders or burglars

Burglars or intruders can easily find your house if the lights are on. If someone is walking in your compound and your neighbor sees the man, your neighbor will not be able to identify him as an intruder at first glance.

But just imagine, the outdoor lights are off and the burglar is using a torch or flash to find the way to your home. Your neighbors will find it suspicious at once.

2) Lights attract bugs

Bugs around red lights

Well, this can be a really disturbing issue. Bugs get attracted by your outdoor lights.

If it remains on throughout the night, there is a possibility that you will see a bunch of dead bugs on your porch or yard.

3) Lights can annoy your neighbors

If your outdoor light remains on the whole night and your neighbors’ lights are not, then it can become annoying to them. Your lights can get through your neighbors’ windows and disturb their sleep as well.

I am sure you won’t love to have an unpleasant relationship with your neighbors.

4) Consume electricity

This is a solid and valid reason why some people are against keeping outdoor lights on all night. If you keep the lights on throughout the night every day, at the end of the month you have to pay some extra bucks for the electricity bill.

Personally, I am against it because of this reason. I have a lot of outdoor lights in my yard. If I keep them on all night, I would have to pay a huge electricity bill every month.

When You Should Keep the Outdoor Light On the Whole Night

As I said earlier, there are some terms and times why and when it’s good to keep your outdoor light on throughout the night. Now it’s time to elaborate on that to you:

Stay at home:

You can keep the lights on when you are present at home. It’s because you can switch them off whenever you want.

If you are not at home, they will remain switched on during the day also. So, if you wish to switch on the lights at night, make sure you do it in your presence.

Expecting someone to come:

Sometimes guests can come to your house and you don’t know when the time is. It could be any hour at night.

In that situation, it will be wiser to put the lights on. For the guest, it will become easier to locate the house in dark.

kids are alone:

Sometimes you may have to leave your kids alone at home. Parties work, or other things can come up.

You can turn the porch or outdoor lights on all night then. That’s because kids are afraid of darkness and lights will make the feel safe when being alone.

On Christmas Eve or on other festivals:

Christmas Eve or other festivals don’t feel complete without lights. Light is the symbol of some festivals as well.

Putting the light switched on on these nights will enhance the vibe.

When You Should Not Keep the Lights On?

Here’s the situation and time when you should not keep the lights on the whole night:

Vacation time:

If you are on vacation and keep the lights on, there will be no one to switch them off in the morning. Lights will be kept on until you get back from vacation.

While sleeping:

You can turn the outdoor lights on until you go to sleep. A calm dark environment is ideal for a sound sleep. Outdoor lights at night can disturb your sleep.

Feel alone:

When you feel alone or anxious, never keep the lights on the whole night. If an intruder or burglar notices your light, he might understand your situation and can attack your house.

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Do you know why? Because a person with a weak and less confident mind keeps his light on. It’s a common human psychology and criminals know it.

While living in a remote place:

Well, living in a remote place can be both challenging and dangerous as well. If you keep your lights on at night, your house can be seen from a long distance in darkness.

Wild animals and intruders can easily spot your house.


The debate will keep going if you keep giving logic. “Switch on” or “Switch off” outdoor lights at night both have some strong reasons.

But, in the end, it’s always important to stay safe and save your money. If want to keep the lights on all night, you must have some strong and valid reasons behind it.

If there’s not any, keep it switched off. Don’t become confused in this debate and act according to your need and situation.

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