How to Keep Your Outdoor Fountain Water Clean: Essential Maintenance Techniques

There is no refuting the fact that an outdoor fountain is an excellent piece of art. Many people love to have an artistic water fountain outdoors.

Unfortunately, it is very obvious for your fountain water to become contaminated with several pollutants. So, proper maintenance is necessary regularly.

If you don’t know how to do that, this article will tell you how to keep outdoor fountain water clean efficiently.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

11 Ways to Keep Outdoor Fountain Water Clean

When it comes to keeping the outdoor fountain water clean, there are several things that you can do. But, what initiatives you should take will depend on the condition of your fountain water.

Below I will discuss several ways you can clean your fountain water for humans or birds.

1. Apply White Vinegar

One of the biggest problems of the outdoor fountain is algae formation. If there are too many algae in your fountain, the water will become ugly.

Besides, the life of plants, birds, or insects in the fountain area can be threatened as well. So, it is necessary to eliminate algae from your fountain water.

To do that you can apply white vinegar which is quite capable to kill algae.

First of all, you need to make a mixture of water and vinegar. Always add one part of water to an equal; amount of vinegar.

Then, you should apply the mixture to the water by using a sprayer.

If you notice algae formation in the concrete, you need to rinse it by using your hose first. Then, apply white vinegar directly to the surface and scrub it properly.

Also, you can use an old toothbrush to scrub it. Ensure that there are no algae left in the surface area of the fountain. Otherwise, they can grow again and their growth is always fast.

2. Remove the Debris from the Basin

You can use a small net to scoop out leaves, twigs, and insects from the fountain basin several times a week. This will help keep your fountain looking its best and ensure that the pump will not be clogged with debris.

Don’t forget to check the pump for any buildup of debris as well.

3. Clear the Blockage in the Pump

One problem with water pumps is they become clogged very easily. There could be several reasons for the blockage.

For instance, it can be dirt, plant leaves, or any other type of natural debris.

blockage pump

If there is a blockage in the pump, there will be issues with the water circulation. As a result, you may end up having brownish-green fountain water.

So, you should remove any clogs from the pump. You can use a simple towel or clean cloth to get the job done here.

You can also use white vinegar solution or soapy water here for the cleaning-up process. Removing the blockage completely will make the water clean again due to continuous circulation.

4. Install a Better Pump

Another way to ensure clean fountain water is by installing a high-quality water pump. In many cases, we use a low-quality plastic pump.

The main problem with this kind of pump is after a certain period, the plastic components of the pump might break down.

As a result, the overall water circulating performance of the pump will be poor.

If water circulation is not regular, there will be a high chance of algae and bacteria formation. So, you should install a high-quality water pump for your outdoor fountain which will ensure better water flow.

5. Change Fountain Water Regularly

One of the regular outdoor fountain maintenance works is you should change the fountain water regularly. I mean, at least once every month. It is a good practice to keep the water clean always.

Often-time, we use normal tap water in the fountain which is not a good practice. You should refill the fountain with distilled or chlorinated water.

When changing the water, rinse the fountain and remove any remains water first so that only fresh water remains in it after the change.

6. Keep a Continuous Water Flow in the Fountain

Another thing you should ensure is the water should flow continuously in the fountain. Because there is a very low chance of algae and bacteria formation in the running water.

fountain water flow

So, if water flows continuously, there will be a very low chance of algae formation.

But, if you keep the fountain shut down for a very long period, the water will become stagnate. And to be honest, stagnating water will be one of the main reasons for your fountain water to become dirty.

So, you must ensure a continuous water flow in the fountain.

7. Take Care of the Pump Filters

A pump filter plays a very important role to eliminate harmful contaminates from the fountain water.

So, it is necessary to make sure that the pump filter is clean. But, there is a high chance that it can become clogged easily with dirt or debris.

In that case, you should clean the pump filter properly. However, if it is damaged, you should go for a replacement.

8. Trim Surrounding Vegetation

trim surrounding vegetation
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Trimming the surrounding vegetation of your outdoor fountain is a great way to keep the water clean and clear. By keeping leaves and branches away from the fountain, you can ensure that no debris is entering the water.

Additionally, take the time to prune any trees and shrubs that may be too close, and trim any grass or weeds regularly. Doing so will help keep your fountain clean and free of debris.

9. Use Fountain Care Products

Using fountain care products would be a great way to keep your outdoor fountain clean and free of algae and scale buildup.

There are a variety of products available. So choose one that will fight off the buildup. Whenever you change the water supply, try adding a clarifier to help prevent algae growth and a scale and stain remover according to the product’s label.

This will help keep your fountain in top condition for years to come.

10. Wipe the Interior

Cleaning your fountain’s interior is a breeze! Turn off your water pump and wipe down the inside of the fountain with a sponge or cloth.

Then, mix a few drops of mild dish detergent with warm water in a bucket, and use a scrub brush to scrub away any dirt or residue.

Finally, rinse away any soap residue with clean water. Keeping your fountain clean on the inside ensures that it stays fresh and hygienic for years.

11) Apply Chlorine

You can also apply chlorine to the fountain water for cleaning it. If you plan to do so, you should do it in summer and on warmer days.


Besides, the quantity should be small. For instance, 1-2 tablespoons of chlorine will be sufficient to complete the task.

To do this, turn off the pump when applying chlorine. Chlorine is good as a cleaner, but it is quite harmful to plants. If there is any plant in the fountain that is important to you, you should try to avoid using chlorine.

However, if any other method is not working, you should remove the plants by using a shallow bath. Then, you can apply chlorine.

After applying it, then you can put the plants back in the water again.

Note- Try to decorate your water fountain well and clean it regularly, so that your fountain waters always stay clean.

Final Words

Truly, a well-designed artistic outdoor fountain is an excellent piece of beauty. If the water is crystal clear, it becomes even more beautiful. However, dirty water in a fountain is disappointing. So, we should take some initiatives to keep the water clean.

In this article, I tried to show you how to keep outdoor fountain water clean in several ways. I hope it was helpful and now you will be able to ensure clean water in your outdoor fountain always.

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