How to Decorate Around a Water Fountain: Tips & Tricks for a Stunning Look

Water fountains have always been a splendid complement to outdoor living spaces since ancient times. It never fails to give your property the ideal amount of life and atmosphere.

You can make your bland-looking backyard into your personal utopia with a variety of features, such as customized fountains.

There are many methods to decorate a fountain for your outdoor space so that it has a look that reflects your unique taste.

10 Ways to Make Your Water Fountain Look More Attractive!

You can decorate a water fountain in a variety of ways to complement your desired aesthetic and make it more dynamic.

Since many of the decoration concepts incorporate live vibrant flowers and greens, many of them are seasonal, to be precise.

Nevertheless, specific transformations can give your fountain a unique touch throughout the year. The most essential methods for highlighting your water fountains are listed below.

1) Colorful Flowers Bring Aesthetics

The sight of new flowers is the ultimate sign of welcome. Your fountain will contrast itself from the rest of your garden when you add flowers.

Fountain with colorful flowers

You can make your single-color fountain with a shot of color by adding flowers around it. Once you select flowers for your fountain, ensure that you consider the U.S. Department of Agriculture plant resilience region that you live in so that you can enhance the likelihood of the flowers’ sustenance.

You must also take into account the length of the flowers once they stop growing. You should cover the fountain with flowers to surround it in such a way that it becomes unnoticeable.

Your flowerbed should ideally share the same shape as your fountain. Examples include a square flowerbed to complement a square fountain or a sphere of flowers to decorate a round garden fountain.

2) Mosaic and Marble Figurines Bring Ancient Vibes

One of the best decorating ideas is adding mosaic art around your fountain to highlight it. The vibe and dramatic colors of the art end up making this one of the best ideas.

A quick, entertaining, DIY way to adorn your fountain is with mosaic art.

Fountain with mosaic and marble

You should prepare to get as creative as your wild ideas. Consider using figurines to give your fountain some personality as well.

The marble figurines can be a great addition to your fountains as well. Marble figurines are well known for withstanding the elements, which makes them eye catchy for outdoor use.

Imagine the appearance of a marble statue at the base of your fountain. Thanks to the mixture of shapes and sizes available for the marble figures.

Even figurines that will accommodate your fountain can be managed to find, which gives this tactic a lot of flexibility.

3) Plants & Vegetables Add the Natural Look

The presence of greenery surrounding your fountain adds a natural touch to your lovely water fountain in the front garden. The type of greenery you use is defined by the hardiness zone in your area and the look you want to achieve.

Fountain around plants

Choose drought-tolerant plants if you use this strategy. Because you do not want some wilting plants to make your lovely water fountain look messy.

Vine greenery such as ivy can climb if you want to hide the fountain’s base. Straight-growing greenery, such as mother-in-law’s tongue, is a decent choice for surrounding the fountain. So with smaller plants or flowers, go ahead of the larger green space.

To cover your fountain, vine leafage is the best option. For the backyard fountain, you can choose the black-eyed Susan vine, which appears to grow well in 10-11 regions and produces bright yellow petals with a black hub.

You can use Silver nickel vine as a ground cover to add attraction to your fountain. Their silver leaves are circular and will bring attention to your fountain.

N.B: Vine species such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Hollies, Mountain laurels, and Yews have toxic leaves. So if you are allowed to accumulate, you can poison the water in your fountain.

4) Sparkling Lights Bring Twinkling Shine

A fountain with lighting lets you enjoy the view at any time of the day or night. You have a variety of lighting options available to implement it.

Lights around water fountain
Image source: mckaylighting

There are several color options to choose from when it comes to lighting. White lights, one-color lights, and even multi-colored lights are all available. Some also have remote color-changing capabilities.

Every decoration is enhanced by lighting, but you must consider how you will power your light. I will recommend battery- or solar powered lights. These are trustworthy and affordable sources of energy.

The main drawback of this method is that it attracts a lot of insects, which can be annoying, especially in the summer.

When deciding what type of lighting to install, remember to consider the color of your fountain and the accents around it. When you select a color, you can select a source of power.

You can generally choose between wired lights, battery powered lights, and solar powered lights. Eventually, the decorations you add to your garden fountain area rely exclusively on the eyesight you envision for the area.

5) Fruits Bring a Sweet Splash

You can add strawberry and blueberry vines for taller fountains. Strawberries are a vining fruit that will probably climb the fountain if planted.

You can add a wire fence to give the fruit support to climb on if you do not want it to mount the fountain.

6) Pavements All-Time Lead Charm

A pavement or walkway that circles the fountain and leads to it gives it a complete appearance. This walkway can also allow you to get to the fountain all year long.

Walkway around fountain decoration
Walkway around fountain

If you live in an area where snowfall is usual, ensure the walkway material you select will allow you to clear the surface with a shaft so you can tour the fountain all year long.

7) Add Stylish Benches to Enhance & Enjoy the Beauty

You can add cozy seating options near or around the fountain if you intend to take in the beauty of it for extended periods of time.

While you read a book or simply enjoy looking out at your outdoor living space, you can take pleasure in enjoying the calming sounds of the fountain. For this, you can add concrete or metal benches.

8) Copper Brings Glow

Copper decoration water fountain

Copper pieces can add a long-lasting, engaging, and interactive essence to your garden fountain. If you are thinking about using copper pieces, make sure you consider the maintenance that will be required.

Copper decorations on garden fountains require regular cleaning and care to avoid signs of weathering and aging.

9) Spice It Up with Gravel or River Stones

One of the most appealing ways to groom your water fountain is to surround it with gravel or vibrant river stones.

Stones provide a welcoming atmosphere that will blend well, especially in a modern landscape.

Stones around outdoor fountain

Adding stones to decorate your fountain is a very pleasing technique. So you can choose from a variety of stones to suit your tastes.

You can choose the color, texture, and shape that will be best addition to your fountain. Unless you want a beachy feel in your yard, use crushed seashells.

However, whatever items you use to encircle the ground of your fountain, ensure some border around it to prevent it from overflowing.

10) Use Statuary and Other Decorative Features

To reach the most beautiful effect of your water fountain, you can use statuary and other decorative features to enhance the look.

You can use statuary, such as sculptures and other art pieces to highlight the fountain and provide an interesting focal point. 

You can use other decorative features, such as stones and plants to frame the fountain and create an inviting atmosphere.

So with the right combination of statuary and other decorative features, you can create a stunning focal point in your garden that will be respected by all.

Tips to Put Other Props Around Fountains

You can use other unknown props around your water fountain to make it more elegant.

  • Add a cozy seating area around your fountain to create a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Place a small pond or birdbath nearby to encourage wildlife.
  • Place a wind chime or two close by to add a soothing soundtrack.
  • Incorporate some colorful flowers or plants to provide a pop of color and texture.
  • Place your fountain in the middle of a rock garden for a rustic look.
  • Make it look like part of the landscape by adding larger rocks and stones around the fountain.
  • Hang a string of lights around your fountain to make it stand out at night.
  • If you want to create a Mediterranean feel, add some terra cotta planters or urns around your fountain.
  • Place sculptures or statues near the fountain to make it look more interesting.

Bottom Line

A well-decorated smart looking fountain can instantly change the vibe on your property and bring a glance of heaven to your garden or backyard.

The fountains are not only very attractive additions to your outdoor area, but they are also incredibly beneficial to animals. However, even the most supernatural fountain will require a little decoration to be highlighted even more.

In this article, you have seen several ways to decorate a fountain and the best way to make it the focal point of your outdoor area.

Instead of allowing your fountain to stand out like a dummy in your landscape, transform it into an ambient, vibrant feature full of flavors and life.

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