How Often To Clean Cat Water Fountain?

Keeping your cat’s water fountain clean is important for their health and your sanity. Not only water fountain will be more pleasant to look at, but it will also function more efficiently.

Cats are known to be highly aware of their personal hygiene and cleanliness. They are also known to be very picky about food and fresh water.

This is why you should regularly replacement of their water. So giving your cat access to a clean, free-flowing supply of fresh water is definitely worthwhile for you.

You should clean your pet’s water fountain regularly to keep it free from debris, bacteria, and other contaminants. For multiple cats, you should clean your fountain every 3-4 days, and for a single cat, once a week. To help disinfect the bowl and get rid of any residue, run a mixture of water and vinegar (1:1 ratio) through the fountain once a week.

Why is Clean Water Important for Cats?

You already know, cats want to clean water at all times, as water is essential for their health and wellbeing.

Not only can unclean water be potentially hazardous, but it can also lead to your cat developing an aversion to drinking water altogether.

Cleaning the fountain regularly is an easy way to ensure that your cats are always getting the cleanest, freshest drinking water possible.

By changing the water every day and running a vinegar and water mixture once a week, you can keep your pet’s fountain clean and safe for them to drink from.

Is It Necessary To Clean the Cat Water Fountain?

As cat water fountains flow constantly, so you should keep freshness longer than regular water features. Nevertheless, routine maintenance is highly encouraged since bacteria might still exist and grow in the water fountain.

Also, keeping your cat’s water fountain clean help keep your pet healthy and hydrated. Cleaning the fountain once a week is generally recommended, with a full cleaning with bleach or similar chemical every two weeks.

Some pets may refuse to drink from an unclean fountain, so make sure it is regularly cleaned. Doing so will also help prevent hard water buildup that can affect the functioning of the fountain.

How Often & When You Should Clean Cat Fountain?

It is best to deep clean a cat’s water fountain at least once a week. This is to ensure there is no growth of bacteria or mineral buildup.

pet water fountain

Due to pets’ hygienic nature, you should provide clean water sources and fountains. Here is when you should be getting your cat water fountain cleaned –

1) When There Is Visible Grime On The Surface: Anything with visible remains, grime, dirt, and gunk must be cleaned thoroughly. Due to their nature, cats may refuse to drink if anything unwanted is visible around the water.

2) The Fountain Feels Slimy To The Touch: If your fountain may feel slimy to the touch due to the saliva from the cat, it is your time to clean them. When a fountain starts to get slimy, it begins to gather more dirt.

So the slimy texture can also be caused due to mineral residues and other elements in the water. So you should take care to prevent slime in a pet water fountain.

3) When Cat Refuses To Drink As Much: You must check the fountain when a cat refuses to drink as much as needed. Check if it has assembled any debris or residue on the surface.

Also, you should know what caused them to refuse to drink. Identify if it is due to a dirty fountain or if the pet’s water is not clean enough. You can check the fountain’s water whether green algae is growing in it or not.

4) It’s Been Over A Week Since Last Cleaned: Not leaving the water bowl uncleaned for over a week is vital. This will demotivate the cat to drink water and cause dehydration.

so mineral deposits and unclean water can cause the motor to get jammed. This can lead to a rotten smell as well.


Is it enough to clean only the part that the cat touches?

No, you must clean the whole feature. If not, it will become slimy. Pet fountain slime is produced by the growth of biofilms, pet saliva, or a combination of the two. It is advised to clean the pump and replace the filter at the same time as cleaning the fountain.

What type of soap you should use to clean the fountain?

With warm water, a soft sponge, and dish soap, you can clean all the parts. Never use an abrasive sponge or harsh detergents. If the fountain water deposits appear, immerse the pump in an equal mixture of warm water and vinegar for 15 minutes before scrubbing.

Can irregular cleaning of the fountain cause health issues?

If you do not use bleach routinely or any other potential chemical agent, algae or bacteria will start appearing, creating an unsanitary atmosphere. And this can lead to a variety of maladies for both you and your pet.

Bottom Line

Remember, a cat is very hygiene-centric and prefers drinking water from a clean water bowl. So, now after going through this blog, you should know how often to clean cat water fountains.

If the water source is not clean enough, it could cause your pet to drink less. Thus, causing dehydration.

That’s not all; the cleanliness of the water source could also play a crucial role in various health issues. Therefore, ensure you heed the mentioned ways and keep your cat’s water fountain clean on a regular basis.

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