Do LED Lights Attract Spiders?

Do LED lights attract spiders – many people ask this question when they suspect their LED lights for welcoming spiders. The answer is yes. Your LED lights can attract spiders for many different reasons. Not just enough food sources, most LED lights cause the perfect environment for spiders and many other insects to live in.

From the type of LED lights to their nature, there are almost a half dozen reasons, you can have so many spiders at your home because of LED lights. And that’s what I am going to talk about in this article. Don’t miss the final part where I will share some solutions to prevent the problem.

6 Reasons to Attract Spiders to LED Lights?

Check out the following facts and you’ll learn why and how LED lights attract not just spiders, but also other insects too.

1) Colors of the LED lights

The first and foremost reason for this fact is the colors of the LED lights. To make our home cozy and enchanting, we often install colorful LED lights instead of bright white or milk-white ones. We can’t specify exactly which color of the LED lights can cause spiders but some are ready to do.

As we all know, some specific colors reduce different heat levels and that is the cause the spiders notice them. So, they love to stay near the lights that create a suitable environment for them.

2) Ultraviolet Lights of the LED Lights

Some specific types of LED lights produce infrared and ultraviolet lights. And it’s a perfect way for spiders to see the area and find insects to make their prey. So, they love to build their nest nearby and go for a hunt at the time when you will turn on the lights.

3) Bugs Attracted by the LED Lights

Another proficient reason for the fact, LED lights attract spiders is the bugs that love your LED lights. This process is not direct but it is an even more prominent reason you have spiders in your home.

We all know that different types of small bugs get attracted by bright lights like LED ones. And those bugs are the primary foods for the spiders. So, spiders intrude on your home in search of the bugs and when they find a feast near the light, they will build their sweet home at your house.

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4) Warmth Caused by the LED Light

Spiders always love to live in warm and dry places. That’s why you find so many spider webs near your chimney. However, LED lights produce a considerable level of heat that seems perfect to the spiders. So, they love to live near the lights to stay warm.

5) Vibration Caused by LED Lights

Not just ultraviolet lights, LED lights can cause a decent level of vibration that doesn’t match the level of vibration humans can feel. But that definitely makes the bugs and spiders gravitate toward the lights. So, spiders love to live in a place where they can sense the vibration properly.

6) LED Stripes on the Narrow Space

When you install a LED strip under your cabinet, curtain, or ceiling pillars, the space always leaves unnoticed. As the lights create vibration, ultraviolet light, warmth, and a food source for the spiders, they find it a better place to make webs and live forever. That’s the reason when you are about to clean the narrow space after a while, you can get buckets of spider webs there.

These are the common reasons, you can have so many spiders in your home full of LED lights. You must be thinking if there is any way to get rid of them without changing the lights, right? Well, I’ll tell you about that shortly after discussing some facts.

What Insects are Attracted to LEDs?

As you know, LED lights can attract many different insects besides spiders, you must be afraid if there are any life-threatening insects that intrude on your home gravitated by the light. However, don’t worry. LED lights usually attract common insects that are not harmful but irritating.

The LED lights at your home can attract many different insects. Specifically, if you have lights that emit ultraviolet (UV) light, you may notice more insects nearby. Most of them are night-flying insects, including moths, beetles, and others.

Additionally, your LED lights can also attract some species of fireflies and lightning bugs. These insects are often drawn to the light because they use it as a navigation tool to find food, mates, and safe places to lay their eggs. This is indeed one of the reasons, your home has a lot of spiders.

Do Spiders Like Warm Lights?

Yes, Spiders love warm lights. Usually, spiders are attracted to light sources, including warm lights produced by LED lights. It’s because they provide a source of food in the form of insects.

Another reason is this kind of warm light provides a place to hide and hunt for prey. However, not all spiders are attracted to warm lights, and some species may prefer cooler or darker environments as well.

Do Spiders Prefer Certain Light Spectrums?

At this point, one question can appear in your brain if spiders prefer specific light spectrums. Well, the answer is No. Spiders do not have a preference for certain light spectrums, but light sources gravitate to them in general because they provide a source of food in the form of insects. Usually, spiders are not specifically seeking out certain light spectrums.

How Can I Prevent Spiders From Coming to My LED Lights?

As you have found a basic reason for having so many spiders in your home, it’s time to find some ways to solve it. Preventing spiders while not changing the LED lights is possible. It requires a little bit of your time and effort.

Let’s check out the ways to prevent spiders from making their nests nearby your LED lights.

  • Keep the area nearby the LED lights net and clean.
  • Try to use a LED light fixture with a wavelength that is more than 550 Nanometers.
  • Make sure to locate the fixture in an appropriate place.
  • You can install a shear tape on the fixture.
  • Keep some spider-repellent houseplants like lavenders, eucalyptus, mint, citronella, etc.
  • Use organic insecticides near the lights regularly.
  • Keep the lights turned off when it’s not necessary.
  • Spray citrus fruit juice like lemon on the places you often find webs.

What Do I Do if I Find a Spider Near an LED Light?

The prevention part doesn’t have the same instructions I suggest when you already have a lot of spiders at your home because of the LED lights. Follow the below tips to get rid of them when you are already in them.

  • First, find out if there are other insects near the lights and get rid of them using natural insecticides.
  • Remove all the spider webs and clean the entire home. Make sure there’s not a single spider left.
  • Make an organic spider-repellent solution using different citrus fruit juice and spray it in the places you have found webs.
  • Trim the tree bunches that are close to your home so that spiders can’t come using the bunches as a bridge.


Hopefully, you have now no confusion left about the fact that LED lights attract spiders. You should remember that there are more than 45,000 different species of spiders, humans have already discovered.

Though only a few of them are deadly, some of them can take your lives within a few seconds. Still, you shouldn’t compromise at least for the sake of keeping your house clean.

So, if you have spiders and LED lights at your home together, you should follow the prevention immediately. As you know what to do, why not announce a war against the spiders in your home?

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