Do I Need to Cover Outdoor Christmas Light Plugs? [Explained]

Christmas would not be complete without the enchanting Christmas lights. In addition to decorating the interior, many of us add lights to trees, backyard bushes, and more.

Have you ever wondered how the light plugs will react if exposed to moisture?

Outdoor plugs and outlets are susceptible to rain, snow, and water from sprinklers or hoses. A wet outlet or plug can cause electrical shocks as well as fire hazards.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, Christmas decorations cause approximately 330 residential structure fires every year in the U.S. during 2002. 

So do you feel the necessity to cover outdoor Christmas light plugs? Let’s talk about whether you need to cover outdoor Christmas light plugs or not.

Should You Cover Outdoor Christmas Light Plugs?

The answer to this question is yes. You should cover outdoor Christmas light plugs.

It is a no-brainer that an open outlet can cause electrocution if wet. Thus, ensure all outdoor cords are placed in dry locations, whether it is being used or not.

In addition, if your outdoor receptacle does not have a casing or protective cover, make sure to have an appropriate cover that keeps everything dry inside. In this case, you can also use plastic bubble wraps. 

What Happens When Outdoor Christmas Light Plugs Get Wet?

The presence of water in an outdoor electrical outlet and plugs can lead to hazards, such as a powerful electric shock. This also applies to the wirings that carry electricity. 

There can be an electric shock for anyone not paying enough attention. The children and animals that happen to be playing outside are at greater risk. 

Therefore, an outer cover is necessary to prevent water from getting into the plugs or outlet.

Can Water In An Electrical Outlet Cause A Fire?

In addition to the risk of shock, water-filled electrical outlets can also cause destructive electrical fires. No matter how small or big the leak is, it will find its way into the light fixtures and wiring in the cords. Although seemingly harmless, their small sparks can quickly ignite a massive blaze.

Things You Can Do:)

Find out how you can protect outdoor Christmas light plugs and outlets from rain.

  • Install GFCI Protection: According to the National Electrical Code, you should install ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. When a short circuit is detected, GFCI outlets instantly shut down. When installing such systems always seek assistance from a professional electrician.  
  • Install Covers for Outdoor Outlets: Under the National Electrical Code, outdoor electrical outlets must have protective covers that remain weatherproof. Without the cover, even GFCI outlets can become wet if water gets into the wiring.
  • Purchase Outdoor-Rated Christmas Lights: Electrical decorations and supplies outdoor-rated can withstand the moisture and precipitation of winter. Moreover, avoid using indoor decorations since they are not designed to tolerate outdoor elements.  

Things You Should Avoid:)

Here’s what you should avoid when covering outdoor Christmas lights. 

  • According to National Electrical Code, one should not use a flat electric cover outdoors. 
  • If a wrong cover is used or installed inappropriately, experience leakage of moisture and other outdoor elements.  
  • The installation of these covers may seem easy, but hiring a professional is always a good idea.
  • It is essential to ensure that the setup is perfect so water cannot leak inside. 
  • Avoid using indoor decorations since they are not designed to tolerate outdoor elements.  

 Key Takeaway

Finally, you should cover outdoor Christmas light plugs and outlets due to their vulnerability to weather conditions, water, and other elements.

The presence of water inside a plug or outlet can lead to severe accidents that can pose electrocution, a fire hazard, cause injuries, or even result in casualties. Also, consider the type of cover you are using to avoid issues such as leaking.

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