Can a Dog Safely Soak in a Hot Tub? The Surprising Answer

Many pet owners love to enjoy a hot bath in a tub with their favorite pets, especially their dogs. And after a few days, they find out some issues both in their hot tub and sometimes with the health of their pet.

That is the reason, many of them ask professionals if dogs can go in a hot tub.

Still, if your dogs know how to swim very well, welcoming your dog in the hot tub is not a good idea at all. There are several health issues, including dog skin diseases that can be the result of this.

However, I might break your heart if you love to enjoy having a bath with your dogs in the tub, but there are many reasons behind it. And that is what I am going to talk about in this article.

Yes, a dog can safely soak in a hot tub, but the water temperature should not be set to no more than 104°F (40°C). Ensure your pup is hydrated, and monitor them closely to ensure they don’t overheat. Also, avoid adding any chemicals or soap to the tub during their bath, as this may irritate their skin.

Is a Hot Tub Safe for Your Dog?

Most pet owners ask professionals if their pets, especially dogs, can go in the hot tubs. Essentially, the answer is yes, dogs can go in a hot tub though it is not a good idea at all.

Dogs can easily swim and most of them learn it from birth. So, there is no way you need to think about its safety in the hot tub water regarding swimming ability.

But when it is a hot tub, you need to think if the water inside the tub is safe for your dog. Unfortunately, there are some specific reasons why I can not say that your dog is safe in the hot tub.

It might not cause an instant serious problem, but it is not a good idea both for your tub and your beloved pet dog.

Usually, professionals never recommend keeping your dogs in the hot tub for a longer time. It can cause several health issues.

At the same time, tub water can cause a skin disease in your dog while human skin has no problem with it.

Another fact you need to think about is if it is good for your tub. Unfortunately, it is not good for your tub as well. So, it is better to keep your dogs out of the hot tub by any means.

dog soak in hot tub
Dog soak in a hot tub

Possible Things Happen When Your Dog Goes in the Hot Tub

The following points will help you understand specifically what happens when your dogs go in the hot tub. These eye-opening factors will definitely show you the reasons you should keep your dogs out of the hot tub.

1. Heated Spa Water Can Cause Overheating

Unlike humans, dogs usually use their pads of paws to perspire to make a balance in the heated temperature. But the case can be totally different in a hot tub.

The reason is that in a tub, the pads of dogs remain underneath the water. Therefore, it becomes almost impossible to cool themselves on their own.

Moreover, dogs pant to make themselves cool down in a hot temperate. Wrongly, if the owner puts their dogs in a hot tub, they are in trouble.

The hot tubs are normally heated to 102 degrees. And this might not work for them to regulate their normal body temperature. As a result, the dog could suffer heatstroke.

2. Dog Hair Can Clog Your Filter

Putting the dogs in a relaxing hot tub spa might seem like a relaxing experience for the owner. But they should also be aware of the consequences and of what might get in the way of the filter.

clog hot tub filter with hair

Dogs tend to lose their hair very frequently, and during the spa, it only gets stuck right in the filter.

Thus, the spa filter will get into problems and require more cleaning because of the dog hair. And if it is not cleaned properly, the filter might not work, and one can even experience permanent damage to the tub.

Eventually, there will be more debris and disjunct parts. It will only end up costing a lot.

3. Dehydration and Other Diseases

Usually, dogs are not used to being in the water for long. So, when you take it in the hot tub and keep it for a long time in warm water, it might face some health issues.

Simply, your dog can be dehydrated very soon and sometimes, it can get fainted.

By spending time in your hot tub, your dogs will start to sweat through their paws and finally, get some health issues.

Also, when it drinks the water in your tub, your dog can get seriously ill because of the chemicals in the hot tub water.

4. Chemicals in the Water Irritate Your Dog’s Skin

Dogs naturally have very sensitive skin. And while the owner puts them in spa water, the chlorine mixture within it is harmful and irritates the skin of the dog.

Indeed, chlorine is a great help for cleaning the spa water, but the danger seems to extend to your dog if it drinks the spa water.

In addition, only sitting in spa water that consists of chlorine can cause red-eye, itching ears, and dry skin. To make the dog feel safe from sore eyes, aching ears, and itchy skin, one must not put the dog in any of the chemically mixed water.

To test if your hot tub water is safe or not, you can follow the process recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

5. Damage to Your Tub

Nowadays, many of the spas are made with acrylic while some of the others are manufactured with vinyl. The problem is not that, but when one puts his dog in the spa water, they will never sit down and do nothing.

It is more likely to expect them to swim and if not, they will try to jump out in fear.

This will only cause damage to the spa. Even when their nails are trimmed nicely, the small scratches can cause heavy damage to the spas.

Tips to Secure Your Hot Tub from Your Pet Dogs

At this point, you must be expecting some tricks to keep your dog safe in the hot tub. In this case, I will suggest you not keep it in the hot tub at all.

If you have a kiddie pool or an outside normal inflatable pool, then it is all right for the dog.

However, if you do not have any idea about how you can protect your tub from your dogs, I can help. Check out some tips that will be a great help.

  • Use a dog pool to let your dog enjoy a bath in the pool.
  • Keep the tub closed when you are not using it.
  • Try to keep your tub empty when you are not using it.
  • Create a barrier fence around the tub area
  • Train your dog properly so that it will not go near the tub.
  • Install your hot tub outside your home or in the basement where your dog is not around so often.
  • Spray animal or flea repellents around the area of the hot tub to keep dogs away.
  • Only use your tub when your dog is not around it.

Final Thought

For sure, your dog and your expensive and fancy hot spa both are important to you. Also, you might love to enjoy a hot spa time with your dog.

But that is not a good idea both for your tub and the dog. So, keeping it aside is the best idea so far.

Hopefully, you have got what you were looking for. Still, if you have any questions left, please feel free to leave your question in the commenting section. Thank you for your time.

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