Are Dog Water Fountains Worth It? Truth Behind Dog Fountains!

There is a growing trend among dog owners to install water fountains for their pets. The product has many benefits to provide fresh water to their dogs.

Despite many positive aspects, people still question whether dogs’ water fountains are okay or not. Some may view it as an unnecessary fad!

Considering the positives and potential negatives, I will discuss if it’s worth investing in or not.  So here’s your answer to whether dog water fountains are worth it!

Yes, dog water fountains are definitely worth it! They give your dogs a steady source of fresh water. Also, it can make your dogs drink more and stay hydrated, and keep them entertained. Also, this protects against contamination from unhealthy sources. From these all prospective, dog water fountains are definitely worth it.

Types of Dog Water Fountain

Dog water fountains come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to fit any home. There are plenty of options available.

From stainless steel fountains to ceramic and plastic designs, there’s something for everyone. If your dog loves running water, try an automatic fountain that will continuously circulate fresh and filtered water.

There are also fountain systems that allow for multiple dogs to drink from the same source.

So, no matter what type of dog water fountain you choose, it will provide your pup with clean and fresh drinking water!

Not let’s read the advantages and disadvantages of having a dog water fountain in your home.

are dog water fountains worth it

Advantages of Dog Water Fountain

1) Dogs’ Preference for Moving Water

It does not matter whether it is a dog or a cat, your pets prefer drinking from a moving source over stagnant water. This may be an evolutionarily derived trait, or simply running water tastes better because it is clean and fresh.

Regardless of the reasons, it has been proven that dogs prefer moving water over static water. This makes a water fountain the perfect option for helping dogs adopt a good drinking habit.

2) Easy & Hassle-free Maintenance 

Changing the water in a dog’s bowl several times a day is important, as it keeps the water healthy and encourages them to drink more. Unfortunately, you may be failing to do that due to your busy schedule. 

So having a good quality dog water fountain, you may not need to refill the water constantly.

It is only necessary to ensure the reservoir of the fountain has enough water to flow into the water bowl periodically to ensure enough water for your dog.

3) Less Workload for Pet Parents

It is more convenient for dog parents to use a water fountain than a standard water bowl for various reasons.

In addition to being healthy for dogs, water fountains generally hold more water than regular bowls. They stay cleaner longer and do not require as much maintenance, such as daily cleaning or regular filling.

A weekly cleaning and monthly change of filter are all you need.

4) Holds a Higher Volume of Water

Most dog fountain usually holds a notable amount of water as opposed to a standard pet water bowl. Therefore, you will not need to worry about continuously filling water for your dog. 

Having enough water for your dog also means it is less likely to run out of water while you are away. 

5) Water Remains Cooler & Fresh

With a submersible pump, an automatic fountain constantly circulates your dog’s drinking water. As the water flows continuously, it is usually a couple of degrees cooler than the surrounding air.

It is enough to make the water in your dog’s fountain cool and refreshing while getting them to drink more.

6) Healthy Option 

Traditional dog water bowls are identified as the third most contaminated object in a household. It indicates that these bowls are able to transmit diseases as well. 

Although you should clean water from the fountain regularly and disinfect the dish, but it does help reduce bacteria to a certain extent. 

7) A Great Choice for Multiple Dogs

If you have more than one dog, you will have to fill up a lot more water, which increases your workload. Multiple dogs using a thick water bowl may also introduce more germs and dirt. 

They may even lose interest, causing them to become dehydrated and eventually sick. It is also necessary to continually fill more water. 

With a busy life, it can feel overwhelming. A dog water fountain could be your excellent solution to this issue.

Encourages Dogs to Drink More

A dog water fountain is an excellent way to encourage your dog to drink more water. Dogs are naturally attracted to running water.

So having a fountain that continually provides fresh, clean water will be captivating to your furry friend. Not only does this help encourage your dogs to stay properly hydrated, but it also helps prevent any renal issues that could arise from dehydration.

Moreover, dog-drinking fountains are pet friendly and make it easy for cats and dogs to enjoy a cool sip of clean water.

So you can give your dog the gift of staying hydrated and healthy by investing in a dog water fountain.

Adds Interest to Home Decor

A dog fountain would be an attractive, stylish element to your home decor. Not only does it provide your dogs with fresh, clean drinking water, but it also adds a touch of modernity to any room.

With its unique and patented no-splash water-slide design, it is sure to be a conversation starter. Plus, with its re-circulated water, you can rest assured that your dogs are always hydrated and happy.

Most veterinarians agree that interactive feeding and watering prevent pets from getting bored. So with all these benefits, people think a fountain for dogs is really worth it.

Some Drawbacks

So what are some issues associated with a dog water fountain? Are they strong enough to outweigh the advantages? Let’s find out.

  • Compared to traditional bowls, dog water fountains can be expensive. 
  • The majority of indoor designs require electricity to operate. 
  • Noise can be a problem with water fountains. 
  • Excessive dog saliva can clog filters.
  • Since most fountains are for indoor use, spills can cause a mess.  
  • If water fountains are made from plastic, they could have scratch related issues. 
  • Water fountains are designed intricately which may divert proper cleaning and welcome germs.

Risks and Considerations of Water Fountains for Dogs

You should always consider the risks when it comes to dog fountains. Always ensure to check the materials the fountain is made of.

Plastic fountains can contain BPA, a carcinogenic chemical. Furthermore, plastic water bowls are susceptible to micro-scratches that can harbor bacteria. Although, these scratches can be so tiny that it is not visible to the naked eye.

Additionally, you should ensure it has been filtered and treated to your pet only drinks clean and safe water. Lastly, you should always sanitize the fountain regularly, usually once a week.

With these considerations in mind, you can rest assured that your pet will be able to enjoy the fresh, clean drinking water that they deserve.

Bottom Line

When considering the pros and cons, I can say dog water fountains are worth buying. If the cost is your issue, try maintaining the water fountain regularly for maximum durability.

Also, get a water fountain that makes minimal noise.  Besides being a time and work saver, a water fountain can be appealing to dogs, encouraging them to drink more water and stay hydrated.

Featured image source: Petguide

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